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Instructions how to update the list of Bulgarian prefixes

How to update the list of Bulgarian prefixes

Information on the current snapshot of prefixes is updated every hour by a combination of BGPview from and

The list includes reserved addresses for private use on purpose. That is if the current setup does not correctly include local traffic at least it will be considered like Bulgarian.

This file is generated by a program whose data is taken from remote servers and error conditions are possible and hardly predictable. If the procedure should be automated a validation is required of the file. The simplest validity test is to have at least 200 lines without counting the comments.

Update is scheduled two times per hour in 20th and 50th minutes. More frequent update than 30 minutes is not recommended. Excessively frequent updates may lead to adding your address to the filters.

[Lower than version 2.0] Not supported

[After version 2.0] Updates can be configured to be automated

Manual update can be done with copy/paste from this file to the web admin interface

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