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The system is installed on IDE Flash that is provided by us and is included in the installation fee. We use a specialized embedded operating system distribution and the use of a different operating system is not possible. Virtual machine installations are not supported.

Hardware requirements

● We can supply tested hardware configurations according to customer requirements.

● Hardware supplied by the customer can also be used but there is not guarantee for compatibility and stability.

Guidelines for hardware selection

Hardware requirements depend on the number of customers and IP addresses serviced and the total bandwidth. The most important parameters of the hardware are motherboard chipset, CPU and network adapters. IPACCT has been tested and optimized to work with chipsets and processors from Intel and network adapters from Broadcom.

Selection of hard drives is very important for data security. There are three options - a single disc, two disks that are close in size in a software RAID setup or a hardware RAID disk controller. Speed of the drives is important for the system and it is recommended to use at least SATA/7200rpm devices.

The system must have at least one network adapter (in this case 802.1q vlans should be used). The most inexpensive adapter that works for low traffic is Realtek 8139. Intel PCI / PCI-Express adapters can also be used. We recommend Broadcom PCI-Express.

Extra recommendations

It is advisable to use a configuration can run without a monitor and keyboard. Also after a power failure it should be able to automatically start up.

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